I Buy In Stephen King, I Buy In

you hiss names in the dark
wait for them to come
name tags drifting to dust,
the mulch of your sleep.

your breath tells their tale
in twisted sibilance,
forked tongues
must act in accord with their nature

the dreams of innocents
your fodder, snaked canapes
served with a hint of lime
piquancy on death's breeze

and i
am still afraid of the dark

PS: I love the horror genre. This grew out of a binge of Stephen King reading.

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  1. This is a brilliantly rendered piece teeming with stunning images and wonderful word crafting. My favorite: 'the mulch of your sleep'.

  2. Fantastic and creative. I too am a Stephen King fan. Loved this.

  3. Wooo, this is like a horror dream. Shudder.

  4. Whew, admittedly I cannot get into Stephen King. Not a fan of being frightened as I read, but I may be the exception rather than the rule. Smiles.

  5. The mulch of your sleep, the sibilance, the snaked canapes.........so well done!

  6. This is wonderful and you know I love a Stephen King reference.

  7. You love horror. I love your poetry! "snaked canapes" is a great phrase, my friend.

  8. "piquancy on death's breeze" What a image. Also, a very good way to explain one's love for scary tales (I like them, too), how they add flavor to the things that go bump in the dark.

  9. I bet you are!

    Can't cope with the horror genre myself – but I know from other things he has written that Stephen King is a wonderful writer.


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