Rebirth Redux

by Erean

I have no feeling left 
fingers to thumb flayed 
like snakeskin left in the sun. 

When the horizon took me 
I sang of its dissolution 
packing oranges in an old suitcase 
bound in spit and steel. 

When I return, I will bend my thumb
back to meet wrist, 
feel its pulse 
and move on
to sleep in the night air. 

copyright Audrey Howitt 2019
first published in Total Eclipse Poetry And Prose, Issue 1, June 2019

Posted for Poets United Pantry


  1. The last stanza is wonderful... there is a beating heart that promises life

  2. That thumb bent back makes mine ache in sympathy. Smiles.

  3. Packing oranges into a suitcase...interesting thought that. I can smell the oranges.

  4. The imagery, in the first stanza, made me shiver. I can see it...

  5. I was un-nerved by the initial stanza as a stand-alone; Nice follow-through and close! Well done.

  6. This has an almost legendary quality; something archetypal about the speaker.

  7. This is terrific, Audrey..every word and line. Loved it.

  8. I like the idea of the "horizon took me 
    I sang of its dissolution 
    packing oranges in an old suitcase ." This one with the others reminds me of the thinking in the mind of a disturbed person. Doing the impossible and believing it.

  9. Audrey,

    A superb piece of writing, with some deep sense of reinvention of oneself, when hope has almost been abandoned. To find yourself taken by the horizon, adds a major shift ...

  10. You are at the top of your game and it is a pleasure reading your work.

  11. This is exquisitely drawn, Audrey! Wowww!! ❤️


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