The Silence of Lies

I feel you leave
in the silence stamped
into the cracks of my kitchen tiles
by lies told and not

I cook with it,
this silence so alive
it flutters at the door
seeking to escape

I sit on the floor
wondering if you chew them
or swallow them whole

knowing they stick on the way down
when there are no tears left
to ease their way

the clock ticks
orchestrating time
as the door clicks
shut behind you

Copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2019

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  1. So much pent-up emotion and truth seeping out. Time and silence very present and telling characters. I love how these things can be pressed into the floor and cooked with - so palpable they become. Incredibly well written, Audrey.

  2. I wonder if lies ever can stay silent... they have a way of come back ... screaming at the top of their voice.

  3. This is incredibly evocative, Audrey!❤️ I resonate with; "I cook with it, this silence so alive
    it flutters at the door seeking to escape."

  4. I can feel that silence, aftert the door closes. So well done.

  5. This is stunning … an utterly prize winning prize of poetry … for so-o-o-o many reasons.

  6. There may be silence but, I think no peace.

  7. Wow. I love this. The lies in the tiles, the fluttering silence. The sound of the door closing

  8. Such vivid imagery! Arresting yet utterly right. I would single out the same vers e that Sanaa did as particularly striking.

  9. The sdaness here in this situation is the feeling of failure when the life you anticipated together falls apart.

  10. So much sadness, and so much we all can relate to. Beautiful as always, my friend.

  11. There is a vividness to this piece which lingers, especially in the last two lines of the penultimate stanza--one can practically see her and feel her working her throat, wondering if this is it, or if liberation comes next.

  12. The idea of all the lies worked into the structure of such every day things, things normally associated with comfort, adds a layer of claustrophobia that works so well.

  13. Wonderful write. Sometimes silence can be the loudest of all.

  14. Is a truth untold still a lie? Is the lie leaving you through the door and shutting it, leaving you alone?
    You've described the sad truths to a lie

  15. Powerful poem tinged with sadness, so beautifully expressed.

  16. This is beautiful, the silence a living thing. Love the use of 'ticks' and 'clicks' in the last verse.


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