My Sorrow

Author: Andrzej Korzec
Title: Reflection in the water Technic: Oil on canvas

I hang my sorrow out to dry
with  my sheets,
bending it over the line,
pinning it in place,
hoping it will stay.

It smells of orange blossoms
and rye grass.
I inhale its scent,
and carefully fold it into a little square,
until it is small enough to fit in my breast pocket.
And nestled there,
it finds a home for a while.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2012 

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  1. nothing better one can do with their sorrow...very cool and palpable that you also included scent..think by folding it into a little square it loses some of its power...much enjoyed this

    1. Thank you Claudia! I so much appreciate the read and comments!

  2. yes, the perfect way to carry sorrow around, all pressed into a pocket. lovely.

  3. Absolutely love your use of metaphor. Gorgeous.


  4. Best way to carry it with you, as it may not go away but at least it will be small enough to to completely ruin your day.

  5. "It smells of orange blossoms
    and rye grass"

    Equisite poem!

  6. This actually made me choke up a bit--what an image, and how it speaks to how we attempt to deal with our most overwhelming and also most ephemeral emotions--finding the place for them, savoring their salt as well as we can...everything works in this one.

    1. Thank you hedgewitch! I feel honored--I respect your work so much!

  7. I like the way this reads, at least the way I read it, as having two different tones of voice, one of process and one of reflection. Really nicely done, thanks

    1. Thank you Fred! I am very process oriented in my thinking (I think!)


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