3 acts, curtain

File:Benjamin van der Gucht - Henry Woodward as Petruchio in Catherine and Petruchio, a version by Garrick of "The Taming of the S... - Google Art Project.jpg
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Benjamin van der Gucht 
Henry Woodward as Petruchio in Catherine and Petruchio, a version by Garrick of "The Taming of the Shrew"

Pensive illusion
you speak
in riddles
in rhymes
without alliterative tension
mucking up meter or rhythm
or lodging
too hard
inside the meaning of metaphor.

Rather, you hold meaning

a sphere
a bit of terminous
to blow on the gentlest breeze
to find home
in the suspension of reality
for 3 acts,
then curtain.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2012


  1. First of all, Welcome back Audrey.

    The flow in your poetry is like a curtain opener..three cheers!

  2. ha for a second i thought you might be talking about me...haha i always muck up meter and i can def live in a metaphor...smiles...always good to see you audrey...

  3. And really, must it not be so?
    Such alleviation of protocol can not be tolerated indefinetely
    Well done, Audrey

  4. Meter, rhythm - you capture it perfectly. Great picture, too! Love it. :)

  5. Pensive illusion is a wonderful phrase. Beautiful sounding as well as meaningful and the close is so clever here - the curtain coming down on the poem. Enjoyed!

    I wil llook for you on nano wrimo - I haven't uploaded anything yet. I'm on there as Karin Gustafson. I've done it other years. Good luck!!!!

    I am hoping to get more into once the election is done . I wrote a lot by hand today which is always a bit of a pain, though good writing wise - but a pain to type. k.

  6. sort of feel like a person new to a jazz club... like the sound, think I should know why (I like it) sit at a table with a clear view of the stage, back to a wall and watch.

  7. the 3 acts curtains is shown on the post here. Useful post


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