My NaNoWriMo Month

If you are here and I am not
Let me assure you that
I will return,
I sit with story and plot
pulsing inside my feverish brow
as fingers move, often too fast
across keys that unfold
a novel before my eyes

poetry is the whisper of the wind in my ear.
a novel is giving birth.
That is the truth my writing friends.


  1. Beautiful Audrey and so happy to be on the NaNoWriMo journey too this month :) :)

  2. Yippee! 32,000 words! You're almost there. There's a light at the end of that tunnel. You can do it and I love your poem for it. :)

  3. Awesome job... look at those words! You are almost done... Keep it up!

    1. Yikes --do I have half the number you do yet??? Who is awesome now??

  4. You go, Girl!
    I love to watch fingers sailing across the keys

  5. so how is it coming? 32K words....dang...nano is a beast...haha...hard to do much else other than live work and write when you do wishes that your story comes out...smiles...

  6. Truer words have never been written. Keep those fingers flying and the stories and poetry alive!

  7. This was a great poem and I could really relate to it!

  8. Hello Audrey,

    What a lovely thought. And poem.
    I would love to write a book, but don't fancy the giving birth part. :)

  9. Excellent work. Both on the awesome poem and on being over halfway thru NaNoWriMo!!! Keep up the fantastic got this!


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