A Poem in My Pocket

Unstoppered, I watch it flow,
The ink of desire,
 of a moment.

It flows across page,
Skittering into letters
Reminiscent of colored lights
Pulsing in the distance
Into words meant for today
Or another day,
Harpooned into shape
By the desire of a heart
Whose language speaks
Through rhythm and meter.

I crease paper
And press word upon word
An intimacy gained,
And place these unspoken words
Deep into a pocket
Next to my heart
To feed it in silence.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2012


  1. Sure wish I had a poem like yours in my pocket ready to go.

  2. I like how poems pass heart to heart. Consider my poem hunger satisfied here today, thanks. xoox

  3. ha. i like that second half...the intimacy of folding those words over on each other...and keeping them near your heart to feed in silence

  4. It is wonderful how one is nurtured by one's own writing as well as others. You've captured that here. Thanks. K.

  5. well I'm certainly glad you unfolded it and brought it into the light ~

  6. I love the idea of unstoppering your writing.

  7. I absolutely loved your poem with writing and poetry you can create your own style, your voice and express yourself with words about people, different places, and things that you have experienced in the past. Keep on writing more good poems and I invite you to check out my blog and join if you would like at http://poetrymagic.blogspot.com/

  8. This made me think of that Elvis song, "Pocketful of Rainbows" hehe. Beautiful words as always!


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