Another Truth

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Jon Sullivan

i find that truth is a relative thing

wending its way down some unmarked path

shadowed by flowering ambition.

it sits like a Buddha somewhere

on that road

off to one side,

tilting its eyes toward me

a wink somewhere there in the offing.

and in its belly

it holds its best offering,

an onion,

wrapped in golden skin,

which i can peel back

if i so desire

until i find its nub

somewhere guarded at the center.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2014

posted for Poetry Pantry


  1. smiles...yed, often the truth is sitting there if we take the time to contemplate to slow down and inspect and peal back what is passed off as truth....

  2. peeling the layers back until we're getting to the core... a good thing... and well worth the wait...

    1. Sometimes I think there is no choice but to wait! Than you Claudia!

  3. indeed, truth is a relative thing. well penned!

  4. Truth is so shielded from reality by layers of half-truths and lies....

  5. sometimes you have to peel the layers away to get the real truth.

  6. Buddhas are like that :-)
    wonderful reading on this day.

  7. I LOVE this peeling down of the layers to find the nubbin of involved in just such a process at the moment..........amazing the number of layers for any given "truth" when one is seeking perspective between people........

  8. Food for thought ~ Truth is indeed relative but we are all guided by the universal Truth ~ I like the use of onion imagery, smiles ~

  9. I like peeling away to get to the truth.

  10. I think, at its core, truth is not so relative. But to discern that, to peel the onion takes time, grace and willingness to form communities that can include strangers.

  11. One of the best descriptions of truth I have read in a very long time. Really well done!

  12. An awesome metaphor - brilliantly penned.

  13. beautiful and oh so wise Audrey!

  14. very well said...i like to believe that we move from a lower truth to a higher in science so in life....

  15. Well said...truth is not self-evident in most is the end of a process of seeking. Nice work.
    Steve K.

  16. If we travel too fast we sometimes miss it sitting by the side of the road. We need to slow down and see that which is right in front of us. :)

  17. Just love the way you look at things. Very expressive. Enjoyed.

  18. a great metaphor.
    and the closing line is just brilliant. :)

  19. Think the onion metaphor is great. If we seek, we do find the truth, and when we do, like that onion, it often brings tears to our eyes.


  20. A super interesting metaphor and written with a lovely cadence, thanks, Audrey.

  21. to say the truth its amazing the use of literary speech by the word onion is truth... what a Metaphor!! at certain times truth is bitter and lies is better... still truth is truth that will ever show up!! God Bless U..Smiles:))

  22. you are an amazing poet Audrey. this is yet another example of your talent. I REALLY enjoyed this poem. So true...


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