Stones Rest

The Morgue File
Dianne Hope

i feel stones in the cracks of my feet
wedged between souls
left too long in the wind
to know their way home

lost, they find solace in small things,
the feel of sand
in the mind's eye
stirring memories
into paths.

i feel them most in winter,
when all souls seek sleep.
I lay down stones
in the shadows of their desire
hoping we both will rest soon.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2015

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  1. I feel them most in winter
    when all souls seek sleep

    Providence is always there to protect Eventually all will face the Maker when one slowly ages.
    Well penned Audrey!


  2. There has been a noticeable lack of work from you this summer. I, for one, feel cheated. :)

    1. Hi Bill! I have been reading more and prepping more for submissions---in some ways it has felt very peaceful

  3. This poem is really different or unexpected. I like the memento mori feel to it and thought the final stanza to be most poignant.

  4. I feel then too, Audrey.. Marvellous to be reading your soulful work again...

  5. Almost a haunting feel to this piece. Like Kerry says, quite unexpected. Very well written!

  6. I agree this is beautifully haunting.. and tends to leave a huge impact on the reader :D
    Have a great week ahead!

    Lots of love,

  7. I hope they are able to find their needed rest....

  8. Audrey this definitely has a haunting feeling to it...I like the idea of stirring memories into paths...making me think a lot!

  9. memories can't be buried, will always be a part of us. forgotten yes.

    hauntingly beautiful piece of writing

  10. "...souls left too long in the wind...." so beautiful! I loved this one, Audrey.

  11. A wonderful extended metaphor, thoughtfully rendered. Lovely!

  12. Like the first stanza ... stones in the cracks of my feet!

  13. "the feel of sand / in the mind's eye / stirring memories / into paths."...i resonate with this so much...beautiful lines...

  14. The opening line alone is thought provoking enough - the rest is magic!

  15. 'they find solace in small things' sometimes it's the small things that matter most. I enjoyed this very much, Audrey.

  16. laying the stones in the shadows of their desire
    so you can both find rest. I really like the interplay
    of the elements - and nice play early on with the feet
    and the souls. Ha.

  17. We wander along not really knowing where we are going, Great poem.

  18. I like your tenderness towards these lost souls.


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