A Triptych

The Morgue File

A Triptych


The sun casts its own shadows
making darkness out of light.
I stand in them sometimes
pulling my toes to the edge
watching the gravitational pull
against them.


We harvest our natures
like patrons at a buffet
gorging on favorites
in fear that without that last bite
we will lose the selves we know.


I cry into the wind sometimes
just to feel a sting in the creases.
salted rivers
know their way home.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2015

I am behind in the NaPo thing--this might be #12 on day 16--

The Journey Inward


  1. Each one bites, there is a darkness underlying each stanza ~ All three are lovely Audrey ~


  2. Gorgeous, introspective work, Audrey.

  3. An eloquent expression of the shadows that stir in one's soul. And, once again, the title you have chosen for the piece is inspired. Great poetry!

  4. I love the depth in this one. Especially since this has seemed to have been a tough NaPo year.

  5. Super cool-- all but I especially enjoyed first and second. Thanks, Audrey. K.

  6. I like all three, especially the first. You're making me think!

    making darkness out of light.
    I stand in them sometimes

    "I stand in them sometimes" - my favorite part. So true, we do.

  7. Wonderful writing - the second stanza, for me, is utterly masterful. And the title: inspired brilliance.

  8. Audrey this is really awesome. Loved it.

  9. Beautiful! Thought provoking as well. Thanks.


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