Time's Back

The MorgueFile

time steals breath
sneaking in
underneath doorjambs

finding the temerity
to wrinkle skin
during sleep
its presence
always fleeting

its weight felt
only at death

it passed this way once
i felt the wisp
of its back
clawing the floor boards
as i turned
to face it
and you.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2015

My NaPoWriMo #7

The journey inward

I am behind already. I was going to write about that--but this is where I went instead.


  1. Audrey,

    I admire your dedication to writing, especially for this April event...Time drives so many intentions off course, or allows. I like the notion of time taking its toll via the ageing process...I've noticed how quietly that happens!!
    Keep going with your great words Audrey,


  2. This is quite a vivid and intense poem.... felt each and every word... like goosebumps!!
    Loved it!

  3. I really like where the poem took you. It makes me think about aging and how okay I am (or am not) with it.

    Also, it's frustratingly easy to fall behind.

  4. funny how we start writing and the pen takes another course. in this case, well turned ~

  5. Time is both a friend and an enemy, ha. A very satisfying piece, Audrey, as always!

  6. All I know about time is I'm short of it today. Have a great day, Audrey!

  7. Nicely penned Audry. Don't worry there are muses who are already lagging but you're doing just fine. I love your poetry. I have muses breathing down my neck and right now as this is day thirteen I am no sure what each day will bring. Hugs and best of luck.


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