Paper Cranes Hiroshima

i write in stillness,
the afternoon floating by.
clouds are like words
creating impressions in the sky
unfolding at their own pace.

soon the moment will pass
and i will fold that bit
of poem
into tiny folds

a crane for peace
a crane for memory
they take their positions
on bits of string
flocking toward blue
sliding by in the distance.

copyright/all rights reserved

I know I  have missed a couple for NaPoWriMo. So I think this might be #11???

The Journey Inward.


  1. Lovely poem and lovely thoughts.

  2. Love this! What a wonderful piece. Ever since I came upon the legend of a wish granted to whoever folds 1000 origami cranes, I have been enchanted with the notion and, of course, with origami cranes ... such beauty hidden is a single sheet of paper.

  3. Such a peaceful, reflective feel to this. I agree about the wording "clouds are like words"!

  4. I like the crane imagery and metaphor.


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