Blue Seas

The MorgueFile

temporary structures
house fears
providing containment
for the worst meltdowns
found in closets at midnight.

others live in the wild
retreating upon encroachment
intended and not
by well meaning adults
who rationalize
a three year old's terror.

she lives in silence
watchful eyes
a blue sea, 
hiding much.

blue seas can darken
in closed closets
as she waits.

Copyright/All rights reserved Audrey Howitt

My #6 for NaPoWriMo

The Journey Inward

A little rough, I will have to come back and clean this one up --
I had terrible nightmares and was a hypervigilant child. My father often found me in closets crying when I was three or so---there is a history there--


  1. You have written it beautifully... so sorry to hear that it is related to your past..
    Remarkable piece of work!
    Bless you :)


  2. I've had my touch of beauty for the morning. Now I can go to work...well, two touches...I saw Bev too. :)

  3. Aww...a frightened and crying child tugs my heart. Great writing, Audrey!

  4. There is some beautiful storytelling in this poem. I would like to see some follow-up poems on this subject. I could identify with the nightmares as a small child.


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