Pitching a Bitch

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Romy Llano, 2012
 Danger will robinson! No texting while driving! a flow for a proposed IVR - voice app at the Wikipedia Hackathon 2012 in San Francisco

either drive or
do the cell thing
not both

don’t see me over here
do ya

so busy

can’t hear me over here
as I honk my horn

don’tcha know about lanes

I am supposed to be here
and you are supposed to be there

but you cross over
as you txt
“c u soon”
maybe one of us won’t be

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2012

Shared with With Real Toads Mary’s Mixed Bag: Pet Peeves

Thank you Mary ----


  1. Oh, Audrey, this is truly one of my greatest pet peeves. Actually it scares me to death. I have seen it so many times, even on the highway. You are right with the 'cu u soon.' Might not happen. Even though there are laws against this, it doesn't seem to stop!!

    1. Thanks Mary! I had hoped that the laws would be enforced--but they don't seem to be--I ever see policemen do it-cripe!

  2. I seldom worry when I see twenty-somethings texting while driving, but those over 40 can never seem to do both.

    1. Hey Kim--thank you!! I am in the over 40 crowd--so I know I can't do both!~

  3. Last week two progressive insurance company cars passed me.
    Both speeding and both with laptops on the seat~just typing away....
    And booooo to kim!

  4. They banned all cell phone use in cars while driving here about 4 years ago. Unless it's an emergency services, you can be instantly fined if caught using a cell phone while driving. This one annoys me so much too. No text saying "Where are you? What you doing" Is worth dying or, killing anyone else for! This is killing more people now than drunk driving ever has.
    My teen texts as she's walking, she's only been doing it for just over a month and says she's nearly been hit twice. Told her I expect her to be much more responsible or, she'll lose the phone ...It's a constant worry.
    Well said Audrey!

    1. My daughter used to be able to text underneath her school desk---they do learn to do it easily--but it is distracted driving or walking or whatever they are doing--scary stuff---

  5. SO scary! This needs to be stopped somehow. Great capture of this situation, Audrey.

  6. I think texting and driving is as serious as drinking and driving... I don't like it either.

  7. Move to Oregon ~~~ it is against the law, vigorously enforced too!!!

    1. I am glad that it is being enforced there! My daughter is in school up there!

  8. seriously...there are some that cant even drive...much less talk on the phone and drive...they are the ones that burn me up....driving slow and yaking on the phone...then texting on top of that...i feel you...i got the same peeves...

  9. Its hard to do both...and there have been accidents already about these ~

    Thanks for your kind words in my blogs ~

  10. Oh this is so right on. A deadly practice. Why do people think fifteen minutes without contact with another human is an unbearable time to wait? Good grief. Important topic.

  11. Well penned!
    Converse with the idiot,
    try to reason,
    no one believes
    unless it's their season
    (We all took turns (had our season) being hit by dear in upstate NY--that's why when a cell call comes in I take the time to pull over.)

  12. Cell phone etiquette. Oy vey. Cell phones these days have everybody distracted. I'm glad you're safe and sound. Nice way to express what gives all of us a headache when we're dealing with those crazy drivers.

  13. I'll pitch a bitch with you! I was almost run over by one of these morons yesterday.

  14. This is definitely a pet peeve of mine. I was almost killed by an 18 year old girl texting in 2006.

  15. I can't imagine this should be done! But strangely enough one gets glimpses of them happening. Youngsters rash enough or impatient enough! Good that you highlight this, Audrey!


  16. So well done... "maybe one of us won't be" is a dire prediction and all too possible. Gave me shivers, Audrey.
    Alberta now has a "distracted driving" law. It seems to have helped, especially with people who prefer to behave anyway...like little old law-abiding me, afraid to change a CD unless I'm passenging, but there are still many people who think they can drive and multi-task at the same time. And, of course, they think they are above the law.

    1. We also have a distracted driving law, but it doesn't seem to be enforced much

  17. Yikes! I am lucky don't drive much, but it just sounds awful. Worth complaining (and writing) about. Good peeve! k.

  18. Very deep this one, a suprise impactful ending.

    We have no distracted driving or cell phone laws here yet. Except for no cell phone use in school zones.

    Me -- never text and drive.

    You have to be hyper-vigilant while driving, more and more. But safety comes first!


  19. Great comment conveyed via your poetry.

    Good creation, Audrey!

  20. I so feel this way! I wonder why people think they can or should, when they shouldn't...augh!
    It is crazy out there~
    I also find this to be a pet peeve of mine.
    Well Done...I so agree!!!


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