Singing Totems

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First lesson of the season

I sat

as you

described your new singing totem,

a face covered with text,

English, Russian, Italian,

mouth shaped in a perfect oval

hands dripping

strings and ribbons,

tiny bottles swinging

from each one,

messages rolled up inside.

Each one a gift,

a flowering,

a promise made

and fulfilled

as you found

a bit more freedom

to sing

the music that moves you.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 21012

Here is my contribution and thank you to the Toads!! HERE


  1. This made me see lots of pretty colours. With the short lines and dbl spacing, it was like reading a floating mobile.
    Yes, to singing, being, our music

    1. Hey Rick! Thanks! I am off to practice for a bit! See you soon though!

  2. Hey Audrey, this is quite lovely.

  3. so beautiful...thank you for your heartfelt (my heart feels them) comments.

  4. Replies
    1. Singing and poetry are what I do--so yes, just like a poet!

  5. This is just beautiful. Welcome to the Imaginary Garden and thank you for sharing this piece with us there.

  6. Hey, you found our Monday Garden ~

    I like the singing and dancing to the music that moves you ~

    Happy Monday ~

  7. nice...i love the totem...the hanging bottles...i can hear them clinking together....ponder at the messages inside of them....there is a bit of magic in that you know....sing on audrey....

  8. Absolutely beautiful Audrey and so very glad to have stopped by to indeed read :) :)

  9. Nice! Everyone should sing the music that moves them!

  10. Love it! May we all sing the music that moves us and move to it as well.

  11. Music is (and I know it's a cliche, but cliches are always founded in truth) the universal language. Whether it's signing a tune or beating on a djembe in a drum circle, it's all understood as being offered in love.

    You totem, bottles tied and each containing a message... this melted my heart. Thank God I read this tonight... I shall picture my message inside a bottle, awaiting whatever response the Creator grants. Thanks, Audrey. Peace, Amy

    1. Hi Amy--it is a wonderful image I think--it was really a gift that image--

  12. The hanging bottles and also the totem! Would be interesting to have a peek into what's in them bottles! Nicely Audrey!


    1. Thanks Hank--and yes, I would love to unroll those meassages

  13. This is beautiful! I liked the images that arrived~

  14. This prompted much thought, the topic being unfamiliar to me. The poem itself is warm and welcoming. Nicely written.

  15. Just as beautiful as the poem was the formatting, which suspended your words in midair, like the breath expelled as the song is sung. Gorgeous, Audrey. Peace, Amy

  16. yes, this is lovely and thought-provoking, thank you for sharing with the Toads.

  17. A beautiful read and poem...loved it!


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