A Star For Ben

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Loss breathes its mist
   On me
Heavy with tears
   Salted in pain’s brine
A taste accilimated

   But not today
Today they lie in bitter harvest
   Upon eyes and ears
Under tongues

Longing to turn back the clock
   To a time before
When Christmas lay around the corner
   And those gifts
 Already wrapped
And hidden
Could be the reality

For you
We bought a star
And placed it just so
Upon the horizon
Of the early night’s sky
So that each evening
You can look upon each other
With light.


For Ben. A group of us collected money to pay for funeral expenses for Ben Wheeler of Newtown. We also bought a star for Ben's parents. I hope that all these families will be able to find peace and light.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2012
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  1. That last stanza is a lovely gift ~

    Thanks for sharing and wishing you Blessed Christmas ~

  2. this brought tears to my eyes...i love that you did this and our prayers and thoughts are with them...

    1. I have a blogger friend who is just a force to be reckoned with and she organized it all. So I bow down to her--

  3. i do really like that last one...you know i bought my wife a star once...named it after her so she would have her place in the heavens...smiles...before that carries the heaviness that is this holiday season in light of all the pain around the world...

    1. Hi Brian, Thank you for stopping by and reading this one---Happy holidays to you!

  4. Words of sadness beautifully written. The last stanza is indeed a lovely gift.


  5. Awww... deeply moving. When we lost Chloe's mom, she was still trying to understand what it all meant and we would see a bright star in the sky that we hadn't seen before and, I told her that was probably her mom letting us know that she was in Heaven now and looking down on us from there. So, this is heartfelt for all the families of Newtown and for others grieving their loss too.
    Very sad but, truly beautiful poetry Audrey.

    1. Thank you Bren--death is such a sad thing--all the more so for these families---

  6. Oh, Audrey, this is so very touching. How sad it must be for his family (and the other families) to have lost their son at such a tender age; but what a special gesture to pay for his funeral and to buy a star. Your heart is as bright as the star! Merry Christmas, Audrey.

  7. Oh sweet Audrey, how touching this poem is. Hugs to you and to all who are helping make this world better one word or story at a time xx

  8. This is so sad and beautiful. And you've done a beautiful thing for Ben and his family.
    Thank you.

  9. Ah. So sad. Beautiful reflection. Too poignant. k.

  10. thank you for sharing this, Audrey. i'm sorry for your loss. my heart, as so many millions of others, goes out to everyone affected by the horrific tragedy in Newtown.

    may you find some comfort in your holidays, as well.

  11. It's sad and such a touching scene! Noble of you to have pooled together all of your resources! It would mean a lot to the family!


  12. touching poem. I loved how you made it endearingly personal. Very effective and a great gesture as well. Thanks

  13. Sweet, kind poem. good read, kind act

  14. May Ben's presence always be a star for those who loved im, and help them heal. You make the true depth and pain if this loss very real here.

  15. This poem is a gift. The purpose and intent, good and right. Generosity of spirit shines.

  16. awh... so sad - and beautifully written.
    it's never easy to deal with loss... you built a bridge - that's really nice.
    all the best!

  17. ..i believe.. the souls of the dead find eternal union with the stars above... and those who shine brighter at night are the ones most remembered... a sad and heart rending piece...

    Merry Christmas to you and family...


  18. Oh, Audrey--I'm another one who cried when I read this. I can't imagine the pain those families are experiencing, even made more acute in this season of celebration. Thank you for this one...and touching tribute. Merry Christmas.

  19. Audrey, your poem is very moving, but even more so - and inspiring - is that you raised money for Ben's funeral and bought him a star. Wow. In the midst of what is so bleak and horrifying, it is the goodness of people like you that reminds us the majority of people are kind. Bless you.

  20. I love this: "Loss breathes its mist On me"

    What a beautiful thing to do, Audrey.

  21. thank you.. this is such a touching tribute and a wonderful gift..

  22. I missed this one earlier but I just want to say that this is extraordinarily beautiful. I think I got some healing out of the fundraising. Your poem is just awesome because it captures so much of what I felt. Thank you!

  23. Very lovely, Audrey. Goodness and light is the best weapon against darkness.
    well done, well said


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