Particulate Matter

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Particulate matter
Of density uncertain
Packs its way
Into others' negative space
Exploding in time
Negating its influence
Pulling at density
Creating its sound
A kind of horrific rush

But present nonetheless
As it moves
Toward wave

I dance upon the string
(all mistakes in science are strictly my own)
I dance.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2012

Posted for the Toads Open Link Monday


  1. Art and science and science and art, intertwined like the tightest of plaits. I like this.

  2. let all negativity that stills and dulls the light be blasted by our loveguns. :)

    and I loves me some science. and art. art in string dances. art in d.n.a.

    art and love.

    science and love.

    they is so good!

    as are you, in poetry.


  3. Nature at its best, Audrey!

    Beautiful creation :)

  4. I find the language of science to be very poetic and you have used it to excellent effect here.
    Thank you for your contribution to Real Toads in 2012.


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