Urban Rain

vor der Haustür
Wassertropfen / Regentropfen / Wasser / Natur / Blatt / Tropfen / Makro / Regen
zur freien Verfügung
wikimedia commons

Silent rain
A mist over concrete
Cools the heat of friction
And asphalt releases
Its steam
To be reabsorbed

A cloud
A vapor
A mist
To blur signage

As I look
Face upturned
The silent rain caressing lid and lash
Brushing lip
Reminds me
That I could be anywhere,
A vale
A moor
A valley
Where the kiss of nature’s
Tears meet earth
Renouncing summer’s heat
Quenching thirst
I open my eyes

To the concrete
And feel nature’s cooling
Her language
Even here
She has found her way.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2012

Posted to Poets United Pantry #126


  1. I like the first verse especially - very evocative, and the rest of the piece builds towards the conclusion well.

  2. she has found her way - as always. Whether we hear or not, it is just so much more beautiful when we do. A beautiful poem: thank you.

    1. Thank you for stopping by cheesewolf--and I love your pen name

  3. Loved this.
    This is a beautiful image:
    'Where the kiss of nature’s
    Tears meet earth'

    Good to see you Audrey.

  4. "the kiss of nature’s
    Tears meet earth"

    My favorite line in such as sweet piece. Mother Nature can be so nurturing when she wants to. Beautiful.

  5. This is beautiful, Audrey. Loved this view of nature!

  6. "Even here she has found her way." Just beautiful.

  7. I loved the way you made the rain sensations so real to me. I could smell the hot sidewalk! Lovely poem.

  8. that last line reminds me of that line from Jurassic Park...Life will find a way.very well crafted poem.love these understated brief lines.

  9. A kiss from nature can happen anywhere at any time. I love that your poem reflects that.

  10. Beautifully woven...a wonderful perspective piece.

  11. Her language spoken even here -- so beautiful.

  12. very nice...love the soft kiss of rain...and like the urban setting as well...the hard concrete makes for a nice contrast...

  13. She always does find a way, even through beautiful organic poetry such as yours.

  14. I appreciate the realization of the ever-presence of nature's handiwork. Even in the most urban of environments, nature, the elements, will not be quashed.

  15. I love the idea that Nature exists even in the concrete jungle.

  16. Nice. Your poem is as soothing and cleansing as rain. I enjoyed reading it.

  17. The ability of nature to conquer all. What a beautiful concept. I really enjoyed this journey.

  18. I love the silent rain, awakening, quenching thirst ~ Superb piece ~

  19. urban scenes can be lovely too, especially if nature lends a hand. :)
    i liked the last stanza, very effective.

  20. I immediately combined the rain with being hopeful...that line--"I could be anywhere"--seemed so much like fortitude waiting to pay off.

  21. So beautiful, and universal.......even in the city streets, nature finds her way.

  22. The rain continues to bless us (though some might say curse us) and I loved this...rain in the city is just like that. Seeking and finding through all the man-made.

  23. I've read this before but seems I never commented. I love the rain and your poem Audrey.

  24. For some reason, I find the small repetition of the v sound soothing. I also l love the imagery. I wish it would rain here.


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