At the Barre

wikimedia commons
At The Barre
Pierre Carrier-Belleuse
(In the Public Domain in the United States)

i centered myself on the tips of toes

dancing over letters

of my keyboard 

the function keys purpling en point

i find myself each day circling over them

depressing the spaces, dipping down

into that place inside my gut

which looks for its way forward

its way out.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2014

I am not sure why the dancing metaphor is so present for me right now, but I feel myself working through something with it. My apologies for repeating myself.


  1. oh not at is a good metaphor...and dancing across the keyboard, i am drawn to it as well...though i used to have to drill my wifes toe nails to relieve pressure...hope i never have to do that with my fingers....

  2. No apologies for this amazing poem! linking the uplift of dance with reaching down deep for the words! Love it!

  3. I lived in Barre, Vermont for two years, but I doubt that experience gives me proper perspective for this lovely poem. :)

  4. I love these dance metaphors - they are nuanced and exquisite.

  5. There is something about being en point and being on point that go together--very hard to maintain and sometimes not clear! And the barre--well--that one is certainly a strong metaphor--and balance and all the rest of it. You handle it all super well. Thanks. K.

  6. blogger ate my comment :)

    as Susan notes, no need to apologize. art sometimes favors familiar territory. ~

  7. I think this is wonderful use of metaphor Audrey! Well done.

  8. Dancing as a metaphor is lovely!

  9. This was so lovely, Audrey. Creating (any form) is just like a dance.

  10. pretty nice blog, following :)

  11. Dance and words are a perfect conbination.


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