Turning Point

Dega, Dancer 1874

turning point arrives

arms pinned

for balance

they say

spot, turn, spot, turn

momentum from that inner part of my core

the part i hope will save me

spot, turn,


until i find an answer

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2014

Change is in the air.  I looked up the word "crisis" today--that turning point at which, for better or worse, future events are determined.  I will be losing a major source of income this summer aat a time when we will be experiencing a financial contraction anyway--my husband is retiring from teaching school. So I am asking the universe for answers.


  1. A major change indeed but as your poems say if you seek the answers they will be found.

  2. Beautiful and timely poem. Turning points are crucial to our well-being, though we have to train at the skill of taking them on point. The momentum is life, I think.

    1. Hi Susan! Thank you--I like your take on the nature of momentum!

  3. the key is to keep dancing,
    learning the steps, keeping yourself in the game
    until you get that chance, for sure.

  4. learning and applying that's certainly the key; have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  5. The answers come when they are needed.
    Wishing you the best.
    Something Pink

  6. the lines wonderfully express the inner conflict and the grit to accept the change that's awaiting....

  7. I am familiar with the routine :-) well written, well said.

  8. until i find an answer... keep dancing

  9. Whew, we all look for answers somehow. I think if a person dances long enough they will find the way!

  10. I have been on those turning points myself ~ Find the balance and wishing you lots of luck and cheers on your turning points ~ Happy Sunday ~

  11. Not a fun point to be, especially before things arrive. Fortunately sometimes reality is not as hard as what we expected.

  12. Turning points can be so rewarding, and yet so dangerous...this is a nice dissertation on trying to find that perfect balance.
    Steve K.

  13. Audrey, I so know those challenges. The best advice I can give you is to try to trust that all will be well, pray and open your soul to the universe, asking it to show you the way. I can say that, however, fully knowing the fear that accompanies such transitions, especially in today's economy! Somehow, month by month, we get through.........wishing you all good things......

  14. I have a tendency to seek the balance and let the rest come as it will. Love the metaphor of dance to express the world of change, even crisis. I find the balance most often in writing, because that often shows when I haven't reached it,


  15. Oh, love this focus on 'momentum' - to spot before turn, so much wisdom in it! we need ground our dreams before changing and dance them...~ thanks for the reminder, Audrey :)x

  16. ah, turn. for some reason, I wrote of it too before reading your pen. at present, I'm looking for work, so wish you the very best as your circumstances change ~

  17. Ha--succinct yet very well realized. Thanks..K.


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