Hacked, Hacked and Yack the Hack

I am enraged and that doesn't happen all that often

Rage is an odd emotion

I feel like I am overflowing my boundaries

onto the pavement beneath my feet.

So this is the story.

For years, my primary email account was at Yahoo

Then sometime in January, it was hacked.

I changes my password like a good Yahoo account holder and thought I was done

Not on your life

Four, count them, four hacks later,

I closed my account

Lost all my poetry notifications

Lost all my emails from and to students

(My livelihood)

I am slowly finding you all again.

Leave a comment so I can trail back to your site--

And bear with me a bit



  1. That stinks! Keep on writing...even in rage.

    1. Will do--and thank you for your comment--will follow it back to your blog!

  2. ugh that stinks....
    i cant stank hackers and spammers....
    like they have nothing better to do...
    i hope that this is all behind you soon...

    1. Thank you Brian--me too! I think it will just take time to find everyone again--I had found you again though!!

  3. Bummer! And I do not mean that lightly. I am really sorry Audrey - and I hope that you can get all back that you lost.

  4. I so relate to your frustration, Audrey. A cloud of TECHNO-BAD-LUCK-KARMA hovers in my blogsphere, also. (Don't let me get started ! ! !) Deep breaths. camomile tea and lots of light classical music help . . . well, a bit, anyway. Smiles.

  5. How frustrating! Hackers....jeeesh, wish they would get out and do something useful with their brains and time. I feel for you! Hope it all works out soon. I think you found me already...smiles...

  6. How frustrating Audrey ~ I would be bummed too if this happened to me ~

    Take care ~

  7. I don't know if my comment went through....anyway, I'm very sorry for the way your life was invaded.

  8. How frustrating Audrey, can't understand why anyone would do such a thing, just went through something similar. Take care, Lisa.

  9. oh, bleep. bleep, bleep, bleep. sorry to hear ~


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