A Blanket of Dreams

i find myself wanting

to wrap myself in the 
blanket of dreams
I have spun out for myself
during the long afternoons
spent alone

this blanket

its a plane of existence
with which
I can feel successful

if I could trade my dreams in for poems


the time will have been 

and if not,

at least i will have entertained myself well

a blanket of dreams 
can be woven by
the most  inarticulate craftsman
in colors floating
within the periphery
of eye

an undulation subtle
of the air surrounding me
at any given time

a catching of a thought
as it explodes forth
in colors

the love of the possible
than the need for the practical

a juggling act
as warp and weft combine
weaving this blanket of dreams

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt



  1. Love the rhythm and the idea of dreaming...and yes, it's such a juggling act, isn't it...trying to achieve those dreams...

  2. always love the possible...and keep spinning those blankets of dreams as well....a day there is well spent...and i am sure you can find poems in them as well...much like this one...

  3. On that note I believe I will head off to weave my blanket of dreams...such a lovely poem to soothe me off to sleep.

  4. smiles..it's good to have such a blanket of dreams..it def. gives warmth on cooler days and carries poetry under the wings as well..smiles


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