Ms. Popularity

wikimedia commons
purple lips

popular is as popular does
or so they say
dreaming their way to the
top of the cheer leading squad
to homecoming queen
to babies and baubles
and pinches and paunches


to tears

for the jones and the stevens
don't care the reasons
that i don't fit in

i wonder who cries more

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2013


  1. I once watched this movie called, "Keeping Up With the Joneses" and boy, it was telling. Yes, I believe in finding your own way. Popularity is overrated.

  2. That's true. Even if you are popular, the Jones and Stevens don't really bother...everyone's too busy living their lives.The best thing to do is to love yourself! Thanks for sharing>...I've shared on your behalf in the writer's post and bloppy as well.

  3. Beautiful! I'm sharing your link on my Facebook author page.

  4. I loved your take on this and those lips!! Great job Audrey :)

  5. So true. I care so little about the treasures of my neighbors though. I have the treasures of my God, children, grands, and greats!

  6. Lovely poem--and all too true. Cheers, Jenn

  7. keeping up with the Joneses sometimes lead to unwanted places, better to cut your own path.

  8. The demon of comparison such a hard one to get away from. Well conveyed. k.

  9. This is a groovy piece of work, Audrey. I love the way it ends and how it "makes you think." Really well done. I can't wait to read more. I hope you'll check out my thoughts on popularity at Cheers!

  10. There is so much to ponder upon in this poem Audrey, the social pressures to conform, the sometimes damaging aspects of vanity..nicely done:-))

  11. Hi Audrey! I think popularity is overrated! However it's not so easy to go against the norm! This is a powerful poem! See you soon and have a good day!


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